Nexus, Powered by LaborEdge improves your speed to market with personalized system notifications. Our healthcare staffing software platform keeps your recruiters continually updated of job candidate matches.

  • Streamlined placement process with no search time
  • System-wide notifications update option
  • Personalized recruiter Candidate and Client preferences
  • Improved workday management with new job orders, extension, hot job notifications and more


1 Nexus offers a wide variety of system Notifications. These automatic Notifications are fully configurable, allowing you to stay updated on what matters to you. By checking Notification On, you will be notified about Clients & Candidates tagged to you

Step 1 image

2 If you want to receive an Email Notification as an additional reminder, you can choose to do so by checking the box

Step 2 image

3 If you wish to be notified regarding all Candidates and/or Clients in Nexus, even if they're not tagged to you directly, you can also choose to select the box for All Notifications

Step 3 image

4 Staying updated is essential to healthcare staffing, and Nexus offers you many ways to do so!

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Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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