Enhanced Pay Package & Margin Calculator

Achieve your growth and profit goals by using the most innovative technology possible. With the enhanced Nexus calculator, you make it easier for your team to communicate with candidates, prepare pay packages and close deals.

At the same time, you get real-time insights into your total expenses and margins for every candidate, helping you drive profitability. It’s time to use the margin calculator that considers:

  • Customizable for your agency
  • Overhead burdens
  • Orientation
  • Scheduled time off
  • Benefits
  • State fees
  • Guaranteed hours
  • State-specific OT rules
  • Configurable multipliers
  • Automatically pulls in GSA rates for housing and M&I


1 Easily view your Margin Breakdown, and give your candidates an accurate idea of their Take-Home Pay

Step 1 image

2 Adjust all aspects of candidate compensation - including a custom Pay Rate breakdown, adjustable Housing/Meals & Incidentals rates fully integrated with GSA, and automated Travel Allowance calculations

Step 2 image

3 Add assignment-specific Additional Costs. Capture and edit custom VMS Fee and Bill Rates. These rates will automatically populate from those configured for this Profession-Specialty within a VMS or Client Profile

Step 3 image

4 Associated Client Details will automatically flow into your Deal Sheet

Step 4 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners


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