How Does Nexus Work for You?

You need more than a generic applicant tracking system and Nexus is developed specifically to transform healthcare staffing operations. This is done by:

  • Removing friction from your processes
  • Increasing speed and efficiency to finding highly-qualified staff
  • Improving patient care with more streamlined staffing workflows

When you join Nexus, you revolutionize the way healthcare staffing agencies, hospitals and clinicians connect.

PRN Scheduler

  • Manage all PRN shifts at a client in one place with color-coded status if a candidate has been scheduled or confirmed
  • Quickly confirm a candidate to a PRN shift directly from the calendar
  • Manage candidates who fit the employment criteria
  • Set candidates in the pool as “preferred” for specific clients
  • Candidate and client confirm the shift directly from the same view
  • Color-coded scheduler indicates status from candidate and client activities

Smart Job-Candidate Matching

Matching criteria tailored to how you match and place candidates

  • Automatic matching
  • Set candidate preferences
  • Geographic radius settings
  • Easy access to matching list
  • Adjustable filters to narrow or broaden matches

Healthcare Compliance Management

Enhanced functionality that goes beyond simple tracking

  • Automate and configure frequency notifications to candidates, recruiters and compliance managers
  • Alert and report proactively by viewing expiring, expired and missing items
  • Simplify Joint Commission audits by having all compliance information readily available
  • Generate and send hospital files easily to internal or external contacts
  • Assign tests and checklists, collect signatures and results by direct integration with Sertifi™ and Prophecy®

LEAP Application

Foster clinician self-enablement and manage ongoing clinician communication in one centralized location. This all-access hub simplifies processes, removes stress and gets candidates where they need to be — working on assignment.

  • One centralized hub for documentation
  • Enhanced clinician experience for viewing jobs and receiving notifications
  • Improved communication flow between agency point of contact and clinicians
  • Streamlined verification process

Enhanced Margin Calculator Deal Sheet

Comprehensive margin calculator for each deal that considers:

  • Overhead burdens
  • Orientation
  • Scheduled time off
  • Benefits
  • State fees
  • Guaranteed hours
  • State-specific OT rules
  • Automatically pulls in GSA rates for housing


Nexus, Powered by LaborEdge improves your speed to market with personalized system notifications. Our healthcare staffing software platform keeps your recruiters continually updated of job candidate matches.

  • Streamlined placement process with no search time
  • System-wide notifications update option
  • Personalized recruiter Candidate and Client preferences
  • Improved workday management with new job orders, extension, hot job notifications and more

Create Specialties in the Client Profile

Manage clients and their needs more efficiently with client-level data

  • Define default specialty bill rates
  • Include needed certifications and licenses
  • Add documentation requirements by specialty
  • Include charting and medication system details
  • Enter unit details, number of beds and patient ratio

Build Your Candidate Profile

Collect and store candidate information in one central, searchable database

  • Candidate experience and work history
  • Include profile information in submittals
  • Maintain complete credential history
  • Auto-populate deal sheets and contracts
  • Track lifecycle of the submission process within a candidate view

Candidate Document Storage

Collect, store and manage candidate documents

  • Candidate-specific and assignment-specific documents
  • Uploaded by your team or by the healthcare professional
  • Set permission-based access
  • Build document submittals from available documents
  • Create and manage templates
  • Unlimited document storage and archiving

Mobile App Integration

With the Mobile App Integration, healthcare providers can instantly:

  • Take a photo of their completed timesheet and send it directly to the agency for processing
  • Upload compliance documents and send them directly to their recruiter
  • Send extension requests proactively
  • Have their chat with recruiters journaled in real time
  • Receive push notifications alerting them of important updates
  • View current, future and past assignment details