How Does Nexus Work for You?

You need more than a generic applicant tracking system and Nexus is developed specifically to transform healthcare staffing operations. This is done by:

  • Removing friction from your processes
  • Increasing speed and efficiency to finding highly-qualified staff
  • Improving patient care with more streamlined staffing workflows

When you join Nexus, you revolutionize the way healthcare staffing agencies, hospitals and clinicians connect.

PRN Scheduler

  • Manage all PRN shifts at a client in one place with color-coded status if a candidate has been scheduled or confirmed
  • Quickly confirm a candidate to a PRN shift directly from the calendar
  • Manage candidates who fit the employment criteria
  • Set candidates in the pool as “preferred” for specific clients
  • Candidate and client confirm the shift directly from the same view
  • Color-coded scheduler indicates status from candidate and client activities

Smart Job-Candidate Matching

Matching criteria tailored to how you match and place candidates

  • Automatic matching
  • Set candidate preferences
  • Geographic radius settings
  • Easy access to matching list
  • Adjustable filters to narrow or broaden matches

Healthcare Compliance Management

Enhanced functionality that goes beyond simple tracking

  • Automate and configure frequency notifications to candidates, recruiters and compliance managers
  • Alert and report proactively by viewing expiring, expired and missing items
  • Simplify Joint Commission audits by having all compliance information readily available
  • Generate and send hospital files easily to internal or external contacts
  • Assign tests and checklists, collect signatures and results by direct integration with Sertifi™ and Prophecy®

Enhanced Margin Calculator Deal Sheet

Comprehensive margin calculator for each deal that considers:

  • Overhead burdens
  • Orientation
  • Scheduled time off
  • Benefits
  • State fees
  • Guaranteed hours
  • State-specific OT rules
  • Automatically pulls in GSA rates for housing

Create Specialties in the Client Profile

Manage clients and their needs more efficiently with client-level data

  • Define default specialty bill rates
  • Include needed certifications and licenses
  • Add documentation requirements by specialty
  • Include charting and medication system details
  • Enter unit details, number of beds and patient ratio

Build Your Candidate Profile

Collect and store candidate information in one central, searchable database

  • Candidate experience and work history
  • Include profile information in submittals
  • Maintain complete credential history
  • Auto-populate deal sheets and contracts
  • Track lifecycle of the submission process within a candidate view

Candidate Document Storage

Collect, store and manage candidate documents

  • Candidate-specific and assignment-specific documents
  • Uploaded by your team or by the healthcare professional
  • Set permission-based access
  • Build document submittals from available documents
  • Create and manage templates
  • Unlimited document storage and archiving

Mobile App Integration

With the Mobile App Integration, healthcare providers can instantly:

  • Take a photo of their completed timesheet and send it directly to the agency for processing
  • Upload compliance documents and send them directly to their recruiter
  • Send extension requests proactively
  • Have their chat with recruiters journaled in real time
  • Receive push notifications alerting them of important updates
  • View current, future and past assignment details