PRN Scheduler

Streamline your staffing processes with one comprehensive tool to manage all per diem and travel assignments. Proactively mark preferred candidates for specific facilities and ensure 100% compliance before placement.

  • Manage all PRN shifts at a client in one place with color-coded status if a candidate has been scheduled or confirmed
  • Quickly confirm a candidate to a PRN shift directly from the calendar
  • Manage candidates who fit the employment criteria
  • Set candidates in the pool as “preferred” for specific clients
  • Candidate and client confirm the shift directly from the same view
  • Color-coded scheduler indicates status from candidate and client activities


1 Manage all PRN Shifts at a Client in one place - the Nexus PRN Scheduler. Shifts are color-coded to show if a candidate has been Scheduled or Confirmed.

Step 1 image

2 Quickly Confirm a Candidate to a PRN Shift directly from the calendar.

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3 Candidates who fit the employment criteria and have the Client set as Preferred will appear in the Candidate Pool.

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4 Schedule the candidate for a PRN Shift first, and confirm them when you're ready.

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5 Once your agency has reached out to the Candidate Confirming their interest in the Shift, you can Confirm them directly from the same page.

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6 When your agency has Confirmed the Shift with the Client, that information can be logged right alongside.

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7 Once a PRN Shift has been Confirmed with both the Candidate and Client, the Shift will turn green.

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8 From a Candidate's Nexus Profile, you can set their Availability for PRN Shifts, view any available Shifts at their Preferred Clients, and view any existing Travel/Local/Perm Placement assignments laid out on the Scheduler Calendar View.

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9 Toggle between Job Order Statuses and other filters to view related Shift openings.

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10 Set a Candidate's Availability by selecting the corresponding dates.

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11 If a Candidate is Available on a certain date, you may select specific shifts when they will be free. Conversely, you can set specific times of day when a Candidate will be Unavailable.

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12 All of a Candidate's necessary Compliance can be gathered within Nexus prior to any PRN Shift.

Preferred Clients and their associated Compliance requirements will be individually accessible in a dropdown alongside the Candidate's overall Compliance %.

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13 The necessary Professional License(s), Credentials, Certifications, and Prophecy Tests will all appear within the Candidate's Compliance screen. For more information on the Compliance screen, click here:

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Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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