Smart Job-Candidate Matching

With configurable job matching, you can build stronger candidate profiles that trigger automatic Job-Candidate match notifications. Skip exhaustive manual searches. Improve your speed to market.  Put the power of Smart Job-Candidate matching to work for you.

Matching criteria tailored to how you match and place candidates

  • Automatic matching
  • Set candidate preferences
  • Geographic radius settings
  • Easy access to matching list
  • Adjustable filters to narrow or broaden matches


1 Set a Candidate's Employment Preferences to enable automatic Job matching

Step 1 image

2 Include custom Radius Criteria to help pinpoint the perfect Job for your Candidate

Step 2 image

3 Jobs that match your Candidate's qualifications and preferences will appear in the Matching tab

Step 3 image

4 Adjust filters to market different Job opportunities to your Candidate

Step 4 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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